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Your Online Presence is so Vital

Your online presence reinforces your brand but also helps you communicate to your target audience. Quality content online will also attract customers, clients and buyers who may not have found or heard about you otherwise.

Transparency, authenticity, and honesty should be your keywords. Your content should establish your business as a place that provides excellent, well researched, and well written content for its audience. Alignment with your brand, matters.


Outsourcing content creation to freelancers is a popular option. People are leaning on content creatives for high quality, relevant and consistent content. For those unable to feed the content beast on their own, a content writer is a perfect option.


As an entrepreneur + business owner, it’s important for you to stay on top of content trends and best practices so you can produce better work for clients. These blogs will help you improve your skills, maximize your productivity, and hopefully inspire you to become better.


Social Media Marketing

Let us develop a social media marketing strategy that gets your business on the map. We understand what it takes to get your site ranked higher in search results. Get a plan best suited for your business and budget.

Content Creation

Stories matter. Let us help your brand be the difference. Enhance your brand execution through innovative marketing, well written, narrative and relevant content. We use analytics tracking and campaign measurement to ensure your message is the right one. Results include a greater search engine presence, stronger brand awareness, and consistent valuable content strategies.



Search Engine Optimization

In order to be found organically in search engine results, it’s important to optimize your website with the right content and keywords. This  makes it easier for people to find you. We can optimize your website to drive more traffic to your website and increase your brand awareness.

Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting is all about helping others convey their message in, their own voice. We work closely with our clients to ensure their message is written concisely and that it aligns with their brand to improve their online presence. We target the subjects that fit best with each client brand and message, and deliver it effectively through our ghostwriting services. 

89% of consumers use Search Engines to research a product or service. You want to be there and be found, great content does that.
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“Catherine Nikkel is an incredible writer.”

“Catherine Nikkel is an incredible writer. Her communication skills are second to none but that pales in comparison to her ability to actually connect with the reader on a personal level. She has an uncanny way to build rapport with anyone she is in contact with both directly or indirectly almost instantly! The best business decision I’ve ever made in the building of my brand was aligning myself with such an elite entrepreneur and servant.”
Josh Wyles, Network Marketer
Catherine Nikkel

If you are serious about giving your online presence a boost,
Great content is what we, are all about.

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